Prepare Your Home for Guests This Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving a week away I’m sure you’ve already planned out your Thanksgiving menus, tables and have developed a plan of action to accommodate the extra holiday company. But if you’re anything like me, you could always a few extra tips and ideas to make the holiday chaos run smoothly. Wow your guests with these great and more importantly, simple tips from Simple Mom. Living Room/Family Room:

  • Declutter, declutter, declutter. Now’s a great time to go through this central space and box up your unused and unloved books, magazines and movies.
  • Box up any tchotchkies that don’t really serve a purpose. Leave room for a little festive decor, but that’s all.
  • If you have a sofa bed, check it. Is it clean?
  • Purchase or even make extra coasters, keep a stack of blankets in the corner and be sure to have plenty of pillows.


  • Make towels easy to find.
  • Clean out drawers and cabinets, and leave empty shelves for upcoming guests.
  • Before you throw out all your hotel sample leftovers, save a few of the best and assemble a little emergency basket in case they forgot something.
  • Make toilet paper easy to find as well.
  • If your kids’ bathroom will double as the guests’, declutter the bath toys, so that there’s ledge room in the tub.

Guest Bedroom:

  • Provide an empty spot to open and store suitcases and bags.
  • Declutter your surfaces.
  • Neatly pile extra blankets, pillows, and towels in an easy-to-spot location.
  • Give your guests something to read before falling asleep. Short stories and magazines are great, as are easy-to-read, practical books.
  • Lighting. Give your guests a light they can turn off from the bed. If you’ve got room, the nightstand is an ideal spot.

And the rest…

  • If extra kids will be bunking with your own, make a goal of packing up half their toys so that room cleaning is easier.
  • Toss out expired food staples in your pantry to make room for food your guests might want to bring.
  • Make basic ingredients easy to find. Holiday guests enjoy helping you cook, and it’s easier when they don’t have to go on a man hunt to find the flour.
  • Buy a few basics your guests might appreciate it, even if you don’t use them normally. If you don’t drink coffee, buy a small bag to keep around for guests.
  • Pack up any clothes you’re not wearing this season to provide closet space for your guest’s clothing. Or, get rid of any clothes you’re not wearing at all and add them to the thrift store pile.

As for a few tips of my own….

  • Check out Thymes Frasier Fir candle if you’re looking for the most amazing holiday scent. They also make a perfect hostess gift!
  • I’m a huge advocate of linen sprays. To me, there’s nothing more inviting than nice smelling, clean sheets.
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